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Market Stats: Feb. 2019 vs 2020

Hello Friends. The Real Estate market in 2020 across the board in Southern Ontario has a lot of us Sales Representatives using the phrase "Feels like 2017 all over again". Get your helmets, kids, we are going in!

This first week of March is proving it, but let's see what the difference a year made in February. I pulled these stats from our back end system for Median Sale price for the city indicated. It includes rural, condo, detached...all of it. Get in touch for a more broken price for your area, we can go right down to your neighbourhood.

Guelph 2019 --- $485,000.00

2020 --- $585,759.00

Elora 2019 --- $754,750.00

2020 --- $772,500.00

Fergus 2019 --- $480,000.00

2020 --- $567,500.00

Kitchener 2019 --- $455,300.00

2020 --- $540,000.00

Waterloo 2019 --- $505,000.00

2020 --- $576,000.00

Cambridge 2019 --- $444,945.00

2020 --- $532,406.00

Some of these numbers seem shocking. Rightfully so. There are many factors to the blanket broad brushstroke of value that you see here, some areas have more new build, the Intensification program happening in the Green Belt is absolutely increasing the prices. Places like Elora and Fergus have seen a significant increase in value directly impacted by the new build homes. Kitchener and Guelph have seen an increase in Luxury Condominiums, which is also contributing to the marked increase.

Real Estate is a year over year long term investment. I want to share these stats to help our clients, friends, and family see that getting into the market is one of the best investments you can make for yourself, whether you are new to purchasing or taking equity out of your home to purchase an investment now is always the time.


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