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Open Houses - COVID Addition

Here we are still in the spaces of a global pandemic, and while most of Southern Ontario is heading into Stage 3 of opening, there is is a sense of uncertainty of timing. Some say it is too soon, while others want to get on with life and everything in between. With risks being high and tensions on a razor's edge at times, my experience is to move forward with best intentions and interests in mind, as carefully and cautiously as possible. Now is the time to exercise our caution and courtesy muscles.

Recently the Government and our governing bodies are saying it is ok for us to go ahead and hold Open Houses for the first time since March in Wellington and Waterloo Counties. All the feelings and struggles are going to come with this choice. I love Open Houses, I think they are a mutually beneficial situation and it always gives me the opportunity to talk about my client's houses with the same care they do. It also is a great way to gauge value, basically whether we nailed the price or not. That being said, I don't blame another homeowner from ever wanting to hold an Open House ever again. Virtual open houses, IGuide digital walkthroughs will not be fading into the distance any time soon.

That being said, Open Houses still have their merit, and Seller's will still want to have them. How do we go about it? Here are some of the rules, and guidelines on what to expect when attending our Open Houses...

1) Masks/ Face Coverings are mandatory - This will be a very strict rule, you are coming into people's homes they are not public spaces. This may go on longer than the mandated timelines set down by the government depending on Seller's comfort level.

2) No Large Groups - We will have to moderate the number of people in the homes and help everyone keep their distance, smaller groups will be easier to manage. It is not recommended that small children attend, we will happily accommodate parents taking turns to view the property.

3) Hand Sanitizer - Using hand sanitizer for every person viewing the homecoming and going will be mandatory. Our Sellers prefer that we be as cautious as possible for everyone's safety.

4) Shoes On - wiping your feet on entry and avoid standing on area rugs. If you feel your shoes are muddy....we have shoe covers for you.

5) Staying 6 Feet Apart - we will only be allowing 2 groups at a time in any of our listings, for the time being, we ask that you be courteous of other people and give everyone room to move safely through the property.

6) Signing In - we will have to take a name and contact of someone in your group. This doesn't mean we can willy nilly contact you....we work under the Privacy Act...but if you want us to, we do that too!

Again, unprecedented times, bare with us while we iron out the kinks and best serve our clients.

Stay safe out there friends.


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